A human call
in the scripted age.

We are customer care specialists in pest control, tree & lawn, and wildlife industries.

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We are...
100% US-based.
Female owned & operated.
More then 20 years of experience.

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Magnify the value your customers see in your business



Best in class service.

We help your customers before, during and after the purchase, answer technical questions of your services, and provide descriptions of your products whenever your customers need it.

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More calls, more sales.

We will be active promoters of your products and services, increase leads by targeting the right customer for your business, and seek customer needs to improve customer experience.

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Expand your horizon.

Increase brand awareness and sales through digital channels, multimedia, print and stunning creative services that reflects your business and customer base.

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Share the load.

We strengthen your customer satisfaction with rapid dispatching, accuracy in data entry, complaint resolutions, and quality control efforts.

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Our customers love talking about their experience with us


rest easy logo

Jeremy Ecker

CEO & Founder of Rest Easy Pest Control

Love working with Margaret and her team at Grit. A true extension of my pest control business
ennis logo

Glenn Laney

Owner of Ennis Exterminating

They have freed up my time to focus on the other important facets of my business... And they’ve given me back a lot of personal time that I normally would have been on the phone.
moyer logo

Dennis Murphy

Pest Control Manager at Moyer

By investing in this service we know we have increased our customer service substantially. The added benefit of the Grit staff selling our services has been huge for Moyer.

Tabitha Williams

Operations Manager at Sprague Pest Solutions

GRIT has been the BEST hands down!! We have tried quite a few other services and our clients always knew they weren’t speaking to us directly. Since partnering with GRIT our clients receive the same experience no matter who answers their call. GRIT is a reliable solutions based company with a personal touch that lets you know they care about your clients experience just as much as you do. With 19 Branches across 7 states,  pest pressures are different and each branch is a bit different. GRIT has done a phenomenal job understanding the nuance in each branch and helping come up with ways to ensure our customers receive what they need when they need it. The constant communication is much appreciated which contributes to their flawless execution. My organization couldn’t be happier with GRIT!

Scott Brown

Owner of Mosquito Rx

We’ve been working with Grit for four years now. They have been an indispensable partner on our path to growth. From account management to the folks taking calls, it always feels like we we’re on the same team working towards the same goals. As the owner of a small company it can be really hard to let go of the reigns of certain aspects of your operation. Especially so at the level of owner operator. You are often the value you are selling. However, working with Grit has allowed me to focus on quality service and growth. Now as we grow, it feels good to have a trusted and knowledge partner who understands our business and the services we provide. What at once felt like a luxury is now a crucial tool whose value is obvious. I love my partner in Grit and highly recommend them to anyone looking for pest control specific call support.

Tamara Mooney

Appointment Center Manager at Cowleys Pest Services

We have been using GRIT for a year now! It was a great upgrade from the  service we previously used. GRIT has been more than an answering service- they are more of an extension of our company. The agents are well versed- in not only customer service but Pest Control! ...always responsive and on top of communication in regards to our needs here at Cowleys. I know if I ever have an issue- I can call over and have it handled right away! I highly recommend GRIT!

Drew Denton

Manager at Anchor Pest Control

Our company started using GRIT this year and it has made such a difference in our after hour sales and communication. …I would definitely recommend this company!

Jimmy Hurst

Owner of Hurst Pest Services, Inc.

Grit PPO has taken my business to the next level. I never miss a call from a customer. They are very professional and knowledgeable when handling calls from my clients. I’m very satisfied.

Eddie Connor

Owner of Connor's Pest Pros

Grit has been very professional, polite & easily understood. They explain our processes clearly & precisely is the feedback from my customers. …and team are rock stars.

Bryce Pickett

Owner of Pickett Pest Control

We have been using GRIT for over two years now and are very happy with the service. They are very responsive and want to make the experience as perfect as possible. The fact that they plug directly into my work order management software makes everything a breeze. Highly recommend.

Kyle Soukup

Marketing Manager at Select Exterminating

Working with Margaret and the rest of the Grit team has been nothing but wonderful. They are dedicated to their craft and have only gotten better as our partnership has progressed. They are pest control inbound sales specialists. Thanks to them we have been able to scale our marketing 4x and grown our residential division significantly. Anyone looking for a reliable customer service/sales specialist provider — look no further.

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