Being able to respond immediately in a competitive environment is crucial in the pest control industry.

Someone using a phone

Most clients calling with pest needs want to be able to speak, with little to no hold times, to a live person, explain the activity they are experiencing and be provided with a solution and most importantly a solidified appointment to resolve their issue. If you miss the call, you miss the opportunity.

Your clients will receive a positive and professional experience with a rapid response, each time they call! GRIT can assist with a wide range of complex inquiries coming from homeowners, property managers, maintenance personnel, restaurant professionals, store managers or general contractors alike.

  • Preparing for an intensive treatment for fleas, bed bugs or stored pantry pests
  • Pesticide safety questions & Re-entry concerns after pesticide applications
  • Scheduling and rescheduling appointments
  • Emergency Dispatching

Work with a company that is fully operated in the United States and already trained in the pest control industry! We provide online detailed calls logs updated in real time, providing specific information on each inbound call and ongoing access to your account. We also utilize systems and software that are familiar and easily accessible to you and/or your staff.

Our representatives are fielding client concerns in a manner you can trust. Calls are never re-routed to other departments because our representatives can answer it all! Get all the advantages and same quality and efficiency of a full-time employee without the overhead costs.

Partnering with us also will saves you crucial time that needs to be invested on training new team members and getting them ready for each pest season. Reduce the need for a call center manager and an entire call center staff because we’ve got one ready for you! No more worrying about covering breaks and lunches, or scrambling for phone coverage during absences. Even better no more paying for sick days, vacation time, and benefits or other standardized costs associated with hiring an employee.

Here are some of the services included in this package



Our aim is to provide pest industry expertise, distinction in the way you operate and transform your business capabilities. 100% operating within the United States, GRIT will provide you with the ability to enhance your client experience and provide additional sales potential because of our teams existing extensive knowledge and experience working with customers and their pest needs. With capabilities to field a wide array of call inquires we can minimize your call resolution times and provide clients with a positive customer service experience.

We can also assist during times of excessive call volume, support your call center staff with over-flow, or create flexible usage based on your individual needs.

Allowing business owners and management staff the time to focus on the treatments and services to resolve and suppress pest activity for their clients. Increasing your brand awareness and client loyalty through our call interaction is our goal.



Your clients expect live interaction. If you are unavailable to take a call chances are potential new clients will just call a competitor, and your current clients calling with an active pest problem will be unhappy clients. If your needs are during business hours, after closing, only as needed, or for emergency services GRIT representatives are available to provide a live person to speak to for each and every call, making their needs the most important thing to you!

GRIT can also provide additional support handling over-flow during peak season or durations of high call volume. We can always customize our service to meet your needs.


Voicemail & IVM

Customized Voicemail systems will add a layer of professionalism with clear recorded voices and instructions. One man operation? Have us source you voice-over talent to record your voicemail and develop the feel of a staff with dedicated roles.

​Before one of our dedicated professionals answers the phone, or if you plan on handling the inbound calls, having some understanding as to what the caller needs before you answer will increase efficiency and again add a layer of professionalism.​

"Thank you for calling Dylan's Pest Control. For new needs press 1. For service press 2..."​

In this example, even if it is only Dylan answering the calls, there is an increased feel of structure to the customer and Dylan or our dedicated professionals will know how to handle the call before it is even answered.



GRIT has experience in scheduling with two things in mind, both client preference and maximizing routing efficiencies. With knowledge and familiarity of scheduling clients based on your preferences of territories, service needs, or route density, we are fully customizable.

Whether it be some of the most popular CRMs, such as Pest Pac, Pest Routes, ServSuite, or Gorilla Desk, we operate as a true extension of your team and function within your own system.  Omitting the need for follow up calls and axillary tasks after a call has been fielded.

Let us handle your scheduling calls and boost the level of service you offer. Strengthen both your brand and relationships with your customers by providing first call resolution service.