GRIT knows the additional value in each call that comes from capturing new leads, collecting and validating client information.

People in a meeting

Emails are pertinent for future contact, accurate addresses and geocoding to reduce mis-applied applications, as well as capturing source information on new leads.

Telemarketing new service needs to existing customers building value in your brand, is something GRIT can provide you with. We are available to make all your outbound calls for marketing campaigns while also collecting source code data to provide you with important feedback on future decisions.

We can schedule and confirm appointments for field inspections, and help solidify the quality of leads generated.

Our team of trained individuals, seasoned in the pest control industry, can assist with making notification calls for pesticide applications and answer client questions regarding re-entry concerns, and material usage.

Hiring GRIT team members to strengthen your account retentions with post service quality control calls can strengthen your relationships with clients and reinforce loyalty.

Here are some of the services included in this package


Scheduling & Lead Generation

GRIT can provide appointment scheduling for field technician’s to perform service, as well as generate leads for outside sales representatives and confirm inspection visits. With  experienced staff a well versed conversation when scheduling lead appointments can help minimize unqualified leads and maximize the time you spend in front of serious customers.



We can provide service notification to re-confirm visits and inspections as well as answer any material questions and re-entry concerns. Take the time to call your clients for those large intensive treatments and ensure they are prepared for the service to minimize the need for rescheduling appointments at the time of the visit when they are not ready or were unsure of what needed to be done. Because we are knowledgeable in pest services we can answer all inquiries seamlessly.


Quality & Retantion

How many of your annual clients are renewing their services and continuing coverage? You just don’t know. Most customers do not express dissatisfaction, or take the time to complain, they simply just go away. GRIT can help manage these relationships by fostering healthy client/service provider communication with important quality control calls that occur BEFORE they choose to discontinue!  With a background in pest control customer service many questions and concerns can be resolved immediately, issues can be deescalated quickly and any unsatisfied clients can be brought to your attention.

Magnify the value your clients see in your business and how your brand is represented. This will in turn improve client satisfaction and most important loyalty and the opportunity for account retention.

The use of already trained and seasoned staff members in the pest control industry to make these points of contact with your clients will immediately show a significant return on investment.