Knowing how important is it to provide accurate information at the time of call is one of the key elements that makes GRIT great!

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Trained and knowledgeable professionals from the pest control industry are ready to help diffuse complaint calls in rapid time. We can work together to resolve unhappy clients and follow up using quality control methods.
Because an unpleasant experience either on the phone or in the field can drastically reduce the potential in customer loyalty and satisfaction. How a company responds and is represented at the time of a complaint call can make all the difference. Whether its dispatching

to a field manager or taking a message with all the pertinent information, we can assist with responding quickly to complaints and help minimize the odds of negative reviews or unwanted negative social media exposure.

While insects and pests can have their seasonality, and can be predicted and prepared for each year, we know that no two calls are always alike and training staff on fielding pest related calls can be a lengthy process and time consuming for management. We can provide you with the advantage of an experienced customer service representative. GRIT representatives have experience fielding all ranges of client inquiries from the most popular “what is it?” To answering questions regarding material concerns, pet safety, to escalated service calls, and reviewing preparation information for intensive treatments, wasp activity inside homes, rats and bedbug identification. We can help filter calls and keep you focused on what matters most….service!

Here are some of the services included in this package


Customer Service

The GRIT team is composed of qualified individuals with years of proficiency in the pest control industry. A talented team created to offer a higher quality of call center services. With established experience fielding pest related problems and anxious clients seeking immediate attention and service, we know customer service!

Keep in mind when outsourcing your service needs that the company you hire is in essence an extension of you and therefore should have the skills needed to field pest related issues. Not every client call can be responded to with scripted verbiage and that is why GRIT representatives can naturally de-escalate frantic callers, assist clients in real time, schedule services on the first call.

We can provide a positive client interaction fielding all ranges of inquires from service related questions, material concerns, assistance with pest identification, preparing for intensive treatments, and many more. Let us help filter calls and keep you focused on other matters of importance.


Data Entry

Got Data? Let GRIT assist you with some or all of your data entry needs. Updating your client contact information, capturing emails, account maintenance, maintaining sale’s pipeline data, year-end material data reports, or anything that requires support. We can customize our service to best meet your needs.​

Hire us for data entry projects, posting material data, or routing services. Ask about additional software training.​We have extensive knowledge using and customizing a multitude of different industry specific platforms including Pest Pac, PestRoutes, and RealGreen.


Training & Coaching

Training can be time consuming for any management team, especially in the height of a busy pest season when they are a necessary extension to fielding escalated issues. And additionally, training for pest control customer service staff is also on-going as we know. Because each season has its own significant pest related activity.​

Spring can bring questions related to Termites, Carpenter Ants, Clover Mites, & Carpenter Bees​
Summer can bring questions related to Cicada Killers, Wasps entering homes, & Digger Bees​
Fall & Winter can bring questions related to Over-Wintering Insects, Camelback Crickets, & Rodents getting into structures

Let us help your staff with customized training and ongoing support fielding pest related inquiries on a basic customer service level. Minimize the need for transferring calls and maximize your customer service department’s efficiency.​

GRIT can visit your location to help asses and review with you your current staff’s needs and develop a customized training workshop or provide individual coaching to improve your team’s talent.

We can also assist in training and consulting on usage of some of the leadingCRM software’s in the pest control industry. Pest Pac, Realgreen, Gorilla Desk,Pest Routes, with over 25 years combined experience utilizing these systemswe are ready to provide you with creative ways to increase data integrity andmaximize efficiency in the usage of your system.